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Gadgets To Help Save Our Environment – Towards A Greener, Cleaner Planet

Transportation is a major contributor to pollution and the green house effect that is leading to global warming culminating in the melting of the polar ice caps and the heating of the environment as a whole. The fuel emissions from internal combustion vehicles are a major contributor to green house gases. An innovation called the ‘Scrubber’ is fitted on to the exhaust of polluting vehicles to reduce the pollutant emissions. The scrubber is nothing but a water filled container that is fitted on to the exhaust line of the vehicle with an electronic pump to force the exhaust out through the water filled tank. This liquid treated with some chemicals, removes the carbon monoxide from the exhaust and the suspended particulates as well. The result is almost no pollution into the environment. The liquid is later treated and disposed of.Conventional fire-extinguishers use ozone depleting agents to extinguish fires. Airbus has developed an eco-friendly fire extinguisher that does not use Halon as the extinguishing agent. This extinguisher is manufactured by Siemens for in-flight fire extinguishers. The eco-friendly extinguisher will finally make it into the market for conventional use in buildings and homes.A lot needs to be done to develop gadgets that will help us to protect our environment. Government Agencies here is an opportunity for you to fund research in this area. Additionally economic incentives for people to use eco friendly gadgets will also go far. This could take the form of sales tax / VAT exemption on eco friendly gadgets or tax rebates on your Income Tax return for use of higher priced eco friendly gadgets.